Posted by: janecronin | May 30, 2011

Your new neighbours are very educated

A friend of mine who lives in Spain was having a lot of problems with her neighbours.  They lived in a rented house next door and were noisy, rude and generally inconsiderate.  Eventually the Spanish owner of the house next door got rid of them and after a short while informed my friend that she had found new tenants who were “muy educados”.  My friend was perplexed.  Why was she being told that her new neighbours were “very educated” – she had no interest whatsoever in their academic achievements.   Later she discovered that she had fallen foul once more of that terrible monster the “false friend” – words that appear to mean the same in two languages, but actually mean something different.  Educado in Spanish means polite.  Happily, she has got on very well with her neighbours ever since.  My website contains many more articles on Spanish words and phrases.

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