Posted by: janecronin | June 3, 2011

Bilingual Spanish/English eBook – Sid’s Adventures in Spain #5

Download the eBook here for just €5.95.

As Sid’s taxi sped along the road, he felt as though he was
in a dream, flying through the air. There were so many
different sights and sounds to take in that he could hardly
catch his breath. He couldn’t believe how the traffic around
him seemed to weave in and out from one lane to another
without crashing. Back home in Yorkshire Sid only drove his
car once a week to visit his sister for Sunday lunch and then
take her out for a ride through the dales. He couldn’t really
imagine himself driving here in Spain, although he knew it
was one of things he would have to do.

Mientras el taxi de Sid iba velozmente por la carretera,
se sentía como si estuviese en un sueño, volando
por el aire. Había tantas vistas y sonidos que asimilar
que le costaba respirar. No podía creer cómo el tráfico
se entrecruzaba de un carril a otro sin chocarse. Allá en
Yorkshire Sid solo conducía su coche una vez a la semana
para comer los domingos con su hermana y luego llevarla
a dar una vuelta en coche por los valles. No se imaginaba
conduciendo aquí en España, aunque sabía que sería una
de las cosas que tendría que hacer.

Download the eBook here for just €5.95.

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