Posted by: janecronin | June 11, 2011

Lo Barato es Caro

I was standing at the back of a town hall meeting this morning – not my usual Saturday morning activity, but this was the “swearing in” of the new local council.  It was a very hot room and absolutely packed to over-flowing, with many people sitting on plastic chairs.

Well, it’s not the first time I’ve seen this happen –  all of a sudden the legs of a plastic chair buckled under the weight of a rather portly, elderly gentleman sitting right next to where I was standing.  Fortunately, enough of us were able to keep hold of him by the arms and body to stop him going flying.  Eventually he managed to stand upright and the chair was duly assigned to a naughty corner.

Cheap chairs – but as the new mayoress came in announcing her government of “austerity” it looks as though we’ll be stuck with them for a bit longer.

Lo barato es caro – “cheap” can end up being expensive in the long run, although this time all ended well.




  1. Bien está lo que bien acaba the words of the immortal Bard

  2. How could you tell us this story (which turned out alright in the end) without tell us WHO was sworn in to do what in the San Pedro del Pinatar Council Jane? You know I am terribly political and I would be pleased to know who is now what, especially my hero Jose Maria Garcia, and what about Marie Jose and the wonderful Eva.

    What did you think of the new Mayor and do you get good vibes? Pilar at the College assured me she is a terrific lady and will do all she can for San Pedro! How soon can we go to see here do you think??????

    • Hi Sheila. It was the handover of power, confirming Visi Martinez as mayor, José García as leader of the largest opposition party and María José as a member of the opposition. Eva was not involved as she is an employee of the town hall. No one knows anything else yet. I’d rather keep other opinions to myself for now! Time will tell!

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