Posted by: janecronin | June 11, 2011

Six-part video series

There are now six videos online which cover the all the basics you need to understand Spanish pronunciation.   They are all on YouTube, or you can get to them via my website at the following link:



  1. Jane,
    Thank you so much for this series. I have been trying to learn Spanish and my biggest problems are listening and speaking.

    Your first video provided me with several “aha” moments. The first, English speakers identify words mainly by the consonants and there are no rules. The “Pennsylvania o” which I cannot remove from my speech even after 30+ years away from there, is similar to the Scottish o you demonstrated. And the third, “aha moment” is so much better than, “I can’t believe I was so stupid not to get this before this moment.”

    • I’m so glad that it has helped you. I plug away at this stuff in my classes, but it’s wonderful to know it has helped someone from so far away!!!

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