Posted by: janecronin | June 17, 2011



Spanish classes are often as interesting for the digressions as for the things you are supposed to be learning.  Yesterday the English word “remove” cropped up, with a valiant student opting for “remover” as a possible translation.  Well, you would think so, wouldn’t you?  But sadly (for the student at least) “remover” actually means “to stir”. 

This prompted another student to tell us a great story of a friend who was cooking and trying to follow some Spanish instructions.   She kept taking the pan away from the cooker, and then wondering what on earth she was doing wrong.

Well, you now know, she “removed” the food every time she should have been stirring it, which possibly left it a little unappetizing!

By the way – the word in Spanish for “remove” is “quitar”, in case you were wondering.


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