Posted by: janecronin | June 17, 2011

Welcome message June 2011

Hello students, readers and friends,

I would like to invite you to subscribe to my brand new blog at   The blog currently has a number of sub-sections:  False Friends, Pronunciation, Quiz Questions, Sid’s Adventures in Spain, Spanish courses and Spanish sayings, and no doubt more sections will appear in the near future.  Using this blog has the advantage of making our communication much more direct and flexible.   I can post on a range of topics and readers are free to make comments, ask questions or discuss particular points.  If you subscribe to the blog you can receive regular updates by e-mail at your own convenience – either instantly or on a daily or weekly basis.

If you have visited my website  recently you will probably have noticed quite a few changes.   As you know, my most recent publication: “Sid’s Adventures in Spain – Las Aventuras de Sid en España” is now available as an e-book and I am currently in the process of making all my other teaching products available in digital form.  In addition, the payment pages of my site have been made much easier to navigate.

One of the new features of my site I am particularly pleased with is the “video tutorial” section –  which contains six short videos about the basics of Spanish pronunciation and a further one on that wonderful subject of the difference between “Ser and Estar”.  If you find these or any other aspects of my site helpful, I would be delighted if you would pass the links on to others.

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