Posted by: janecronin | June 30, 2011

English/Spanish translation – Público

Yes, I know it means “public”, and that is what it’ll tell you in your dictionary.  However, did you know that “público” also means “audience”?   A subtle but important difference.

So … what does “audiencia” mean then?  I hear you ask.  Well, it means the other kind of “audience” – the sort you or I don’t get very often, like an “audience” with the pope or an “audience” with the queen.  I say very often, I could just as easily have said, never.

Audiencia also means “hearing” as in a court hearing.  La Audiencia Nacional means the High Court, also a place I don’t frequent, fortunately.


  1. You’d be happy to frequent La Audiencia Nacional if you were a court translator ….. or at least you would be happy with the money !

    I’m in the wrong puta job!

  2. Another word that I thought might mean embarrassment did indeed embarrass me when I first went to a doctor 10 years ago saying that I was embarazada, upon which she immediately said `Impossible at 67´ I think¨!

    I had gone to see her because of my constipation (hence being embarrassed) and should have said `Estoy estreñido´ which does sound nearer the truth – straining, would you agree? Sheila

  3. I’m afraid I could never be a court translator, I have a nasty habit of switching languages by mistake (translating Spanish back into Spanish for the English etc. etc). I realize what I’m doing when people start looking panic stricken.

    You’re right Sheila estreñida does sound a bit like straining. People often make the mistake of using “constipado” which means full of cold – i.e. blocked up, just in another area.

    By the way – have two kiwis every day for breakfast – you’ll never have a problem again. Advice from Doctora Juana.

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