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I’ve found that many British people here are not aware of this movement, which is very significant and spreading all over Spain.  The movement was inspired by a book called “¡Indignaos!” which means “Be Indignant” by Stephane Hessel.  The original version is in French and is actually the transcript of a speech at an anniversary celebration of the French Resistence Movement.  It’s a very quick and inspiring read, urging people to peaceful resistence to injustice.

The movement is Spain is generally called “15M” (Quince eme) or “Los Indignados” (the indignant ones) and is an organized protest against a politic system which is controlled by market forces for which ordinary people are paying the price.   Unfortunately the greatest publicity it received was when there were some infiltration by violent protesters recently in Barcelona, but the movement is pacific in nature and all other demonstations have been peaceful.  It is also interesting to note the wide range of ages and social backgrounds of protesters. 

A recent survey suggests that 80% of Spaniards agree with the movement and I heard a recent comment on the radio which said that only those who have an economic interest in being against the movement are against it.  For everyone else it is common sense.

Here is a link about the protest in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.  This is where the movement started with thousands of people setting up camp for several weeks:


  1. Daughter and I went on the march in Torrevieja a couple of weeks ago; quite an experience, and we found ourselves quickly picking up the chants.

  2. All good stuff BUT let us not forget that the infiltrators in Barcelona were quite demonstrably proven to be police officers trying to influence public opinion.

    The movement is by its very nature peaceful although it has attracted its fair share of anarchists and others who would do anything to ruin any democracy-

    (…and you might want to explain the significance of 15 eme)

    I am far too polite to add my normal signature to an email ¡ZP vete ya! or comment on why the movement is far stronger in Spain than most other post-industrial societies. In Sweden Justin Bieber fans outnumbered the indignant 10 -1
    What were they demonstrating about? That the little runt came to Sweden!
    (Average age 13? Reading age of a Sun reader? That’s the Bieber fans! As Jane points out the most interesting thing about the whole movement is its broadbase support across all sections/ages of societies. If there were elections tomorrow they would win by an absolute landslide which is why Rajoy is far more vocal than ZP)

  3. I didn’t know that the trouble-makers in Barcelona were police infiltrators. Sadly I don’t doubt there would be a landslide to the right if elections were held tomorrow. However, I think that if the right were in power now, the landslide would go to the left.

    The reason ZP is not vocal at the moment is because the PSOE candidate for the national elections will be Rubalcaba who is extremely active and vocal.

  4. This is excellent news and I´m all for it. Is there a local group I could join perhaps? It would be ideal to bring “Access for All” to the notice of the public as well as the authorities. Why is it called 15M? Am I being thick? Much easier to say than Indignaos. I shall be very interested to get more information – thanks.

  5. Hi Sheila,

    I believe there is a weekly demonstration in Santiago on a Tuesday, but that might have changed. The last one I know started in Santiago and ended in San Javier square. I think it was early evening.

    15M stands for 15th May (quince de mayo) which is the date the movement started in Madrid. The Spanish usually make date abbreviations in this way. For example: 23F was the attempted coup, 11M the Madrid bombs, 29S the last general strike, 22M the last local elections etc. etc.

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