Posted by: janecronin | July 10, 2011

Spanish pronunciation – a noisy city

Pronouncing a foreign language properly involves exercising the muscles in your mouth and throat.  In the same way as when you indulge in unusual physical exercise and then ache the next day, it can be difficult and even uncomfortable to move your mouth around in unaccustomed ways!

We can’t always rely on our ear to help us imitate sounds, sometimes we have to concentrate on the movement of our mouths.  Here is a good exercise which you can do whilst still lying in bed!  Say “noisy city” in Spanish… ciudad ruidosa.

The exercise consists of moving quickly between the two narrow vowels “i” and “u” in both directions.  The “i” requires us to have narrow lips pulled back at the edges, and the “u” requires our lips to protrude. 

Try it – it beats jogging any day.

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