Posted by: janecronin | July 12, 2011

Spanish/English (and French) translation – dejá vu

I suffer from a form of “dejá vu” in my teaching – that feeling of “Have I taught you this before – or was it to someone else?”.  Students are generally useless at helping  in this situation, probably because they don’t want to admit that they’ve forgotten it anyway!

One day I mentioned the “dejá vu” problem to a large audience, upon which one bright spark piped up: “How do you say Dejá vu in Spanish?”  Well, I couldn’t think of an answer so replied: “How do you say Dejá vu in English?” – to which he replied “touché”.

I rather liked that exchange, but never got round to finding out how to say Dejá vu in Spanish!   The problem was solved the other day when another student reported back their findings by asking a native Spanish speaker the same question.  Guess what she said … “Dejá vu”.  

Why have the French got the monopoly on this experience?


  1. It´s really funny – I just knew you were going to say that!!!!!!!!

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