Posted by: janecronin | July 15, 2011

Comic-speak in Spanish

Just recently I came across a misunderstanding created by the use of “jajajajaja” as a response to a message on Facebook.  To be honest I’d forgotten that it isn’t immediately obvious to English people what this means!  Try saying it, with the correct pronunciation of course which is a strong throat “h” sound.  Smile as you’re doing it … doesn’t it sound just a little bit as though you are laughing?  Possibly not, but anyway, that is exactly what it is meant to be – the equivalent of “hahaha”, or should that be “ha ha ha”?

It turns out that all those Dennis the Menace type words, like “splat” and “urgg” are different in Spanish!  A favourite one of mine is ZAS!!!  It’s the sound of slap on the face.   Sometimes when people think they’ve won an argument which silences an opponent with some brilliant statement or revelation, they say “zas en toda la boca”!!  Not very nice really.

I know, now you want me to tell you some more, but that’s your job.  Go to a bookshop, by a “comic” and expand your vocabulary with really important words!


  1. Excellent article…….but perhaps it is…………buy a comic ? x

  2. Oh, no! I meant: “go to a bookshop which is by a comic” jajajajaja.

    It’s a hard life here at the monitor face – please BUY a comic. 🙂

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