Posted by: janecronin | July 17, 2011

Spanish e-learning and video lesson

I am pleased to tell you that the updating of my website is moving on apace and I am now able to offer you two more of my teaching products in the form of e-book and audio download.  These are my highly successful courses “Survival Spanish” and “Essential Spanish”.  These downloads include the entire contents of my Level One Beginners “Survival Spanish” course and my level Two Elementary “Essential Spanish” course, which have helped hundreds of people to lay a solid foundation for their Spanish language learning.
You can now obtain either or both of this courses for 4.95 euros each by clicking on the threads below and following the instructions.

Survival Spanish
Essential Spanish
In addition I have now added a new video tutorial to my site about the differences between “por” and “para”.  There are now eight videos available, all completely free to view.  If you would like a download which contains the contents of the whiteboard on all eight videos, this is available for 4 euros.  Here is the link to the new video which I hope you will find very helpful:

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