Posted by: janecronin | July 18, 2011

Spanish sayings – No smoke without fire.

Actually, this little section started off on another tack, as the Spanish saying containing the “f” word (fire – fuego) actually means something different from the English “There’s no smoke without fire”.    “El que con fuego juega, se quema.”  This means “He who plays with fire burns himself” which is a very good point, of course, and applicable to many situations.

However, the Spanish equivalent of “no smoke without fire” uses a different image, that of water in a river.  Here it is:  “Cuando el río suena, agua lleva”.  When the river sounds (or makes a noise) it is carrying water”. 

Mind you, I think this is not always a good way of thinking.  A few days ago the international Spanish athlete Marta Dominguez was completely exonerated (exculpar) from using and administering illegal substances.  She has now decided to pick up the pieces and train for the London Olympics, but the damage to her image and self-esteem has been immense and it would appear that the accusations were completely unfounded.

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