Posted by: janecronin | July 20, 2011

Spanish/English phrases

Do you know how to say “It’s a cinch” in Spanish?  That is “dead easy”, “a walk in the park”, “like falling off a log” (I say that one quite often but I do think it must be quite painful), “a walkover”  “a no-brainer”.   Well, now I’m going to tell you …


It comes from the verb “chupar” which is “to suck” so it relates presumably to something even a baby can suck.    Just to be very boring for a minute, the form is actually a past participle “chupado” pronounced in a way that drops the “d” (just think “gonna” in English).

Give it a try some time when something is really easy, or you’re just being ironic about your language skills.



  1. Oh, dear – this won’t do at all in the US where ‘It sucks’ has a derogatory meaning with some sexual innuendo!

  2. Well true, but I can assure you that “chupar” has the same connotations, and possible more obvious, in Spanish. You may research this if you want more information! On the other hand it has positive ones too, not least that all-time favourite Spanish sweet the “Chupachups”. You can see them on display on the counters of many shops, including bakers. There’s also a child’s dummy – a “chupete” which I hesitate to translate as a “sucker”!

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