Posted by: janecronin | July 22, 2011

Spanish/English translation – tiquismiquis

You’ve met them, you may live with one, you may even be one yourself!  That is “un tiquismiquis” – a “fuss pot”.   My only really claim to fussiness is with food.  I am, and always have been, the most “tiquismiquis” eater you could care to meet.  I’ve spent far more time in my life moving things round on my plate than actually putting them in my mouth.  My mother could have called me “tiquismiquis” but I think she had other expressions.

Some people are “tiquismiquis” about having everything in order, put back in the right place, clean and sparkling.   That’s not my particular vice, but it might be yours. Are you “tiquismiquis”?


  1. “Un tiquismiquis” – would this qualify?
    Having a selection of coloured clothes pegs, I rather enjoy matching pegs to the clothes I am hanging out on the line – AND – my husband has a selection of coloured coat hangers so that I like to select an appropriate colour to complement each shirt after ironing.

  2. No – I just think that’s someone who’s got too much time on their hands!!

    Seriously though I think it would be “tiquismiquis” if you got upset if someone changed the pattern!!

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