Posted by: janecronin | August 1, 2011

Spanish words that don’t quite make it to the end

I suppose all languages have their idiosyncrasies, particularly when the younger generation get hold of them.   One I’ve always found a little odd in Spanish is deliberately chopping words in half.  I don’t mean the famous “Murcian accent not ending words properly”, I mean an actual amputation, one of the most common being “por fa” for “por favor”.   One I particularly dislike is “sssssss” instead of “sí”, very annoying when a child answers you with it.  “Finde” is another one, meaning “fin de semana” – “weekend”, as in “¿Qué vas a hacer este finde?”

I actually heard a new one a couple of days ago – “por si aca”.  For those unversed in this language, this stands for “por si acaso” which means “(just) in case”.

I wouldn’t recommend you using any of these, but just as well to know them, por si aca.


  1. We hear quite a lot of this here where we live. One that took me ages to work out until one day the penny dropped was ¡Pera! – which turned out to be the imperative ¡Esperar! – Wait! We also have ¡Ven! meaning ¡Ven aqui! – ‘Come here! usually aimed at dogs but sometimes at children. Then there’s ¡Para! from ¡Parar! – Wait! – again usually parents warning their children not to cross the road. Then we have ¡Buenas! for ‘buenas dias’ which I confess I use and ¡Luego! meaning ‘hasta luego’. As my vocabulary improves, I’m discovering more and they really are important around here if you want to make conversation en la calle.

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