Posted by: janecronin | August 5, 2011

What are your Spanish magic words?

If you could only use half a dozen words in Spanish to get by (I know some of you will say that’s what you do now!) which words would they be?

Here’s my minimalist list:

Ya, bien, perdón, nada, vale, normal.


  1. My few magic words that usually work: Hola Que tal? Muy bien!
    Estupendo Fantastico Muy mal!!!!!! or Malo!!!!! depending on the situation ofcourse. & Mi gusta and always Gracias when appropriate &
    Adios Sheila

  2. vale, vale, vale, vale, vale, vale …is there more to Spanish than that?

    I might throw in an interrogative “no”? at the end of it which could mean “yes”, “no”, “carry on talking”, “I have just fallen asleep listening to you”, “Good goal” “another coffee” or “guapa” according to the conversation I am having!

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