Posted by: janecronin | August 10, 2011

Spanish society – mileuristas

At first sight the word looks French, but actually it describes the circumstance of many Spanish people today.  The “mileurista” is the person who earns a thousand euros a month.  The chances are that this person also works more hours than officially contracted (in many cases a lot more hours) and is paying a mortgage or rent that takes up over half of his or her income.

Apart from the enormous number of unemployed people in Spain, it is the “mileurista” who most feels the injustice of the economic system and sees little hope for the future.


  1. …….but in general they respect law and order (even if not the politicians) They do not riot and steal but work diligently for a fairer world.

    In Sweden this week I see comparable positions have salaries almost double those of Spain …..with costs perhaps only 25% higher. I see 8% youth unemployment and not 40%+ and I can only wonder how the Spanish youth survive.

    Worrying times

  2. Spain’s unemployment is the highest in Europe at 20.9 percent. It is high but not enormous. Just under 80 percent are working. Zimbabwe has 97 percent unemployed – that is enormous.

  3. The unemployment figure IS enormous, it IS obscene and to compare it to Zimbabwe does nothing to help the 40%+ unemployed youth that is a stain on Spanish history.

  4. Same as the UK then!

  5. 97% is horrendous and each country has its story. Comparisons are odious as I believe someone said and I personally wouldn’t want to compare Spain with the UK either, I think there are a lot of differences.

    The “mileurista” problem is another issue though – people, including professionally trained experience people, working for rubbish money.

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