Posted by: janecronin | August 13, 2011

Anniversary of “Cantinflas”

Yesterday was the 100 anniversary of the birth of “Cantinflas”.  Otherwise known as the Mexican answer to Charlie Chaplin, he was a comedian who appeared in hundreds of films and was famous for his comic discourses that appeared to be intelligent but actually said nothing at all.  Here’s a famous example:

“Estamos en guerra porque ya estamos. ¿Por qué razones?, ustedes me dirán. Y yo les contestaré: razones fundamentales que todo conglomerado debe entender y son tres: la primera, la segunda y la tercera. ¿Qué cosas verdad? Pues así es”

There is now a verb in the Spanish language which describes this way of speaking:  “Cantinflear”.   I think we have all heard people do this from time to time.



A verb now exists to

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