Posted by: janecronin | August 24, 2011

Spanish and English translation – a classic

Some “false friends” jump out at us as soon as we hear them, and one of these is the classic case of “molestar”.   “Me molesta el ruido”; “No me molestes”; “Esto molestará un poco” – the word seems to crop up all the time, and yet the Spanish don’t seem to be big on molesting, certainly not in the unpleasant English sense of the word.  

Of course “molestar” means merely “to disturb” or “to bother”.  “Me molesta el ruido” – “The noise is bothering me” (or perhaps annoying me);  “No me molestes” – “Don’t bother/disturb me”;  “Esto molestará un poco”  – “This will bother you a little” – which is what the nurse says as she approaches you with a large needle.   Whatever you do – don’t believe her.

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