Posted by: janecronin | September 26, 2011

A Spanish image – just four cats

I had a friend in Asturias who was always using this phrase – “somos cuatro gatos” when she meant there are hardly any of us.   Actually, there seems to be a particular use in Spanish of the number four to mean “not many”.   Sometimes I’ve sat in meetings and someone has commented “somos cuatro” or about another group of people “son cuatro”.  I’ve now learnt not to start looking round and counting – “cuatro” means a few, hardly any, so next time you’re in some sort of  minority situation you can try it out too – “somos cuatro gatos”.


  1. Nice expression…..soon to be applied to the remains of the PSOE?

    Thanks for sharing

    • Well, I’m hoping not but … it’s not looking too healthy at the moment!

  2. We say the same In Italian:
    “Al concerto c’erano solo quattro gatti”.
    “They were only four cats at the concert”

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