Posted by: janecronin | October 4, 2011

Spanish/English translation – pieces of information

This false friend thing is running away with me – I keep coming across them all over the place.  Here is another one – “datos”. 

“Datos” is probably best understand as “data”, although this word in English has an  impersonal, technical sound which “datos” does not have in Spanish.  You will often be asked to provide “datos personales” when you are going through any kind of bureaucratic process.   In English we probably wouldn’t say “personal data”, but “personal information”.  “Datos” is obviously plural, but we can also talk about “un dato” – a piece of information, as in “tengo un dato interesante” – “I have an interesting piece of information” or  “I have some interesting information”.

What “dato” does not mean is “date”, which as you no doubt know is “fecha” in Spanish.


  1. …and now I have “un dato muy interesante”

    In English “date” can also be a piece of fruit and a romantic meeting.

    Guess what? One word in English and three separate words in Spanish!

    That ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (and Arsenal fans) is why we LOVE languages, isn’t it?

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