Posted by: janecronin | October 12, 2011

A contemporary plague – desahucio

This word was not in my vocabulary a few months ago, but now it crops up with increasing frequency.  “Desahucio” means “eviction” and these are occurring with at an unprecedented scale in Spain, in many cases just six months after a person ceases to pay their mortgage.  This chilling documentary follows the work of those who carry out the eviction orders, in which people are saddled with embargoed accounts and massive debts for the rest of their lives, as well as suffering the loss of their home.


  1. What happens to the gypsies that take over an empty house that has Se Vende on the gate – it seems nothing!

    Several families have moved back to our little street and taken over 2 (and now maybe 3) houses, one being owned by one of the banks, but despite notifying the bank and the owners, nothing is done. There are about 7 children involved – none of whom seem to go to school. What happens to those kids, do they get any education from the Estate, or is it just that the parents do not send them?

    One family moved in last week to an empty house, got a pneumatic drill to get down to the water and electricity which they have hooked up inside the house. I know this is Spain, but this just seems like another planet right now!


  2. Hi,

    I’m afraid I haven’t got an answer for you Sheila, other than that they should be “denounced” but if as you say the owners don’t take any action then I don’t know. Perhaps they are waiting for the courts to act. Of course they are also breaking the law by not sending their children to school.

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