Posted by: janecronin | November 6, 2011

Spanish/English translations – is it “efectivo” “eficaz” or “eficiente”?

What a good question!   I will try to answer it as simply as possible.

“Eficaz” means “effective” as in “es una política muy eficaz” (it’s a very effective policy).  Effective can also be translated as “efectivo” although it’s a lot more common to hear “efectivo” used to mean “cash” (as opposed to credit cards or cheques).  As for “eficiente”, this usually refers to things that save money, or have a low consumption of petrol or electricity.

Well, I’m glad I cleared that one up for you – with a bit of luck this explanation has been “efectivo”, “eficaz” and “eficiente” all at the same time!


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