Posted by: janecronin | December 31, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions

Our first question might be – Do the Spanish make New Year’s resolutions?  The answer to which is yes they do.  Are they as hopelessly easy to break?  Yes, the diet, the jogging, the learning something new, some things just cross that cultural barrier without any trouble at all.  Since this is blog is about learning Spanish, we had better ask – ¿Cómo se dice en español? and here is the answer – Los Propósitos para el Año Nuevo.  So what are yours?  Mine is to get back to this blog and actually keep it going for the whole year!


  1. I have decided I am going to start smoking, drinking, eating meat, spending less time at the office, group sex, and shall put on weight, get a car and walk less. I am going to the gym less often and I am not going to learn basque irregular verbs or Zumba (mmmm, they might be the same).

    I am going to spend more time watching Spanish TV and I am definitely going to become addicted to their S.American soaps and hang on every word that Kiko Rivera utters (*) ……. all the things that everybody else is pretending they are going to give up. I am not going to say nice things about Man City or Arsenal and I am going to continue to lust after Ana Obregón and Ana Duato

    I will start campaigns to support Camps, Del Nido y Isabel Pantoja …..INNOCENT!

    (*OK, that was an exaggeration. I could NOT force myself to watch Spanish TV. On NYE, the highlight is a 1970s “comedy” about a Spanish country-boy going to Munich. It’s about as funny as my ex mother in law’s armpit.

    PS Perhaps I’ll register with the same fitness coach as Kiko Rivera and Pavarotti too. Have a great 2012 whatever you commit too.

  2. Steve, I found your post in my Spam file. Can’t think why!! :-))

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