Posted by: janecronin | January 4, 2012

La cuesta de enero – Spanish sayings

It happens every year.  As soon as the New Year hangover is out of the way and the work routine begins again, everyone starts talking about “la cuesta de enero”.  What does it mean?  Well “cuesta” means “hill” or “slope” and unless otherwise specified, is likely to refer to “up” rather than “down” hill.

“La cuesta de enero” is nothing more or less that the uphill struggle to get to the end of the month.  This might just refer to travelling to work in the cold when you’d rather been at home in the warm as you were over Christmas, but more often it means the financial uphill struggle, after all that over-spending on food and presents.  Mind you, this year’s a bit different as everything seems like a “cuesta” at the moment.  Still, let’s hope it goes back to only being “enero”.


  1. How would you say “la cuesta de enero” in English, then?

  2. “January’s uphill struggle”. February’s feeling a bit the same at the moment – nearly in March!!!

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