Posted by: janecronin | January 7, 2012

Shoulders back and call a spade a spade

When you follow the news in Spain, certain phrases come and go depending on the political season.  I noticed that during the recent electoral campaign the phrase “sacar pecho” seemed to come up a great deal.  This literally means “sticking your chest out”, but perhaps “putting your shoulders back” would be a less risky translation.   It’s certainly a visual expression and means to be proud of something and stand up for your own ideas (sometimes with the slight implication that you are doing it against the odds).  Once the election was over we heard about how our new president Mariano Rajoy is going to “llamar el pan pan y el vino vino” (“to call a spade a spade”, with Mediterranean overtones).   We await developments.


  1. We await developments ….as we “enjoy” la cuesta de enero.

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