Posted by: janecronin | January 28, 2012


Well, I know I have a bit of an obsession about “spanglish”.  It’s not that I disapprove of including foreign words in Spanish, in fact I think it is part of the normal development of languages worldwide.  However, these gems do tend to catch my eye, or my ear, on a daily basis.

Here’s oneI came across last year which I think for the moment wins the prize.  Yes, on 31st December last year, the traditional date for “San Silvestre” races around the country, San Pedro del Pinatar hosted its first “nordicwalkeando san silvestre” race in Lo Pagán.  If you don’t believe me, you may refer to for confirmation.


  1. Guay! Supercool! Sí, un “woord” supercool. I thought the word for “word” was la palabra.

    Now, I see “woord” ….which is quite funny as the average Spaniard’s attempt to get the vowel sound is “word” is not impressive.

    ANybody like to comment on “el filme”?

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