Posted by: janecronin | March 10, 2012

A rich pudding – Spanish mis-translations!

I used to be married to someone who knew how to cook and liked to invite people round for supper.  To do my bit I used to make the puddings, and with a lot of effort they were fairly acceptable.  When our Spanish guests left they invariably raved about the main courses, which were always superb, and then (I always felt as an after-thought) would turn to me as say “y el postre también estuvo muy rico” which I interpreted as: “and the pudding too was very rich”.

Too rich, I thought to myself, I must try to make lighter puddings, so with each successive group of guests my puddings went from crumbles to mousses, but always with the same response “¡qué rico el postre!”.  Well our Spanish visitors ended up with calorie-free fruit salads before I found out that “rico” means “tasty” and not “rich”!!!  We live and learn!

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