Posted by: janecronin | July 15, 2012

Spanish English translations. A conductor conducts a car.

A verb we learn fairly quickly in Spanish to “conducir” meaning “to drive”.  From this we get the noun, the person who “conduce” who is therefore (in Spanish word-building logic) called the “conductor”.  Well in English of course the “conductor” is the chap (or chapess) who leads an orchestra and for those of us above a certain age, that person with a funny machine round his neck who used to dispense tickets on the bus.  Well as the Spanish language is very logical you can now guess the name of the person who directs (the clue is in my choice of verb) an orchestra – yes, the “director” or “directora” from the verb “dirigir”.  Well, his name might actually be Juan, but that’s not the point I was making.

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