Posted by: janecronin | January 26, 2013

Public whipping boys

I’ve always believed in being inventive with language and appreciate inventiveness when I find it!  Some people tell you that expressions are incorrect, when they’re actually just unusual.  I always think of the fact that Shakespeare himself invented thousands of new words and images.  Not that I’m comparing myself to the greatest bard that ever lived, but it’s worth bearing in mind.  What has this to do with the title “piñata pública” – well, it’s just a phrase that tickled me the other day.  The “piñata” is the bag and sweets and goodies that are hung up at parties for children to hit with sticks and break open.  The phrase “piñata pública” was used, believe it or not, to refer to Spanish bankers being victimized.  I suppose in English we would say they were public whipping boys.  I do feel very sorry for them.


  1. You certainly produce some most interesting snippets Jane. I can only believe however that your comment about feeling sorry for bankers MUST have been made extremely with tongue in cheek. If not, could it be that you are losing your soul to the Devil ?

  2. Put it this way Ken, either I am deeply sympathetic to a small group of thieves who have lined their pockets with millions of euros from banks which have had to be rescued with public money, whilst at the same time throwing people out on the street who are unable to keep up with mortgage payments through no fault of their own … or I’m joking!!! 🙂

  3. Thank Heaven for that Jane :)……… .but you’ve now given me a real problem……..I think I may be losing my sense of realism ! Put it down to my age 🙂 but I am sure I will pull through.

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