Posted by: janecronin | February 2, 2013

An absolute scandal

Somewhat unsurprisingly the Spanish have quite a few words of noise.  Off the top of my head I can only think of one synonym in colloquial English which is “racket”, but I dare say there are others!  In Spanish, apart from the standard “ruido” they have a terrific word which is “escándalo”.  This also has the same main meaning as in English of something socially outrageous, but also refers to a hubbub, hullabaloo, hoo-hah (ah yes, there are other English words – I wonder why they all begin with the letter H).  “What a racket!” would be “¡Vaya escándalo!; and I dare say you can think of many occasions when this would be appropriate.  Someone who has the tendency to make a lot of noise (and I mean a lot of noise by Spanish standards) as well as a lot of fuss and bother, can be described as “escandaloso” or “escandalosa” – scandalous – I like it!

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