Posted by: janecronin | March 12, 2013


What a great word!  It has no direct translation and is simply means  “eyes” (that is ojos) like “plates”.  Here it is in a context: “Cuando los vi juntos, me quedé ojiplática”.  When I saw them together I was … what?   The nearest word I can think of is “gobsmacked”.  Perhaps it boils down to how you react to surprise.  Do you open your eyes like plates or do you feel as though you’ve been stuck on the mouth, or “smacked in the gob”?  Maybe we could change the trend and turn that horrible word “gobsmacked” into “mouthstruck”, but somehow I don’t think it will catch on.  In the meantime, “ojiplático” is just terrific.


  1. Could this be an alternative to brillantes ojos y tupida cola, maybe, although I suppose both wide eyed and gobsmacked are definitely different from bright eyed (and bushy tailed). Could ojiplatico be used perhaps as “ella fue ojiplatico” instead of “ella fue amplia ojos”?

    Excellent new word though Jane ! x 🙂

  2. Seeing them together, my eyes were as big as saucers.

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