Posted by: janecronin | January 4, 2015

Ana Victoria García Obregón (born 1955)


Ana Obregón has been a regular in the gossip magazines and chat shows of Spain ever since they were invented.  Nearing her sixtieth birthday, she still graces the media at this time of year with bikini poses on exotic beaches, although her postures are somewhat more studied that they were a few decades ago.

As well as exciting the male population, Ana has provided a lasting image of sexual independence to generations of women who would never dare to behave like her, even if they had the opportunity.

Ana Obregón was born in Madrid and was a wild and rebellious child who   studied music and dance. After a serious illness she settled down, graduating in Biology from Madrid’s Complutense University.  She also has a Masters degree in Business Management and on occasions has taken over the running of her family’s building company.  In the late seventies Ana appeared in a number of Spanish erotic and action films, having failed to penetrate the Hollywood film industry.   She later tried for a second time to succeed in the States, finally returning to Spain to forge a career on Spanish television.

She became a successful television show presenter and for several years fronted New Year’s Eve celebrations on Spanish national television broadcast live from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.  The most famous of these broadcasts was when she tried to wrap herself in the male presenter’s cape for warmth and accidentally dropped it into the square below.

Ana has also acted in several very successful television series and her appearances in “Mira Quién Baila” (the Spanish equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing) significantly increased audience viewing.

Ana has never been married and has had a series of highly publicized relationships with aristrocrats, socialites, footballers and more recently a Polish male model many years her junior.  She has one son Alex who she says is the real man of her life.

Ana has always sought fame outside Spain without success, so the irony was not lost on her media followers when she briefly became news in UK tabloids for flirting with David Beckham during his time with Real Madrid.  For this she earned the scorn of a caustic Victoria Beckham who referred to her as a “geriatric Barbie”.


  1. “….she earned the scorn of a caustic Victoria Beckham who referred to her as a “geriatric Barbie”. ”

    Yes, but Ana’s put down of Posh Spice’s (lack of) Spanish is one of the highlights’s of the past 10 years on Spanish TV.

    You omitted her starring role in “Ana y las Siete” which should be considered on a par with Downton Abbey. Surely?

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