Posted by: janecronin | July 8, 2015

Stand-up or monólogo cómico

A few people reading this might remember that about 7 years ago (how time flies!)  I performed a “one-woman show” which consisted of nearly 90 minutes of stand-up comedy.  Even now and look back and wonder how I actually did it, but at the time all the jokes and sketches suggested themselves to me quite easily, as they were all based on the things I heard day in and day out from my fellow Brits in Spain.  The whole thing struck a chord then but only a year later “la maldita crisis” came along and all of a sudden the same things weren’t so funny, as people struggled to survive or simply upped sticks and returned to their homeland.

At the time a lot of people suggested I should do the same in Spanish, but the idea filled me with horror.  No!!!  The Spanish and English senses of humour are completely different, the situations are different and how could I possibly control timing, tone and nuance in a language that isn’t my own, however well I might speak it in every day life. Well, that was until last September when I attempted a short monologue in Spanish.  I thought long and hard about it, realizing that from the start that I would have to adopt a comic persona, that standing there as myself and relying on my usual straight-faced irony would never work and that I had to find a key into the Spanish “sentido del ridículo” (sense of the ridiculous), if I was going to do any good at all.

Here on this link is my effort.  I´m pretty critical of it as I lost a couple of jokes and actually completely forgot how I had intended to finish!  However, as you will hear from the laughter, it certainly struck a chord and guess what, they want me to do a longer version this year in the village fiesta.   Although it is all in Spanish (obviously) those of you who have ever attempted to speak the language and put your foot in it, might identify with some of the jokes!


  1. The sound on the youtube not brilliant, neither is my spanish, but I managed to follow some of your jokes and thoroughly enjoyed it ! as did your audience. Well done Jane.

  2. Very good Jane. I enjoyed and understood most of it. The audience seemed very happy also so that is wonderful.

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