Posted by: janecronin | September 26, 2015

Spanish Thought of the Day 26.09.15

My Spanish word today is “agenda” which is my old-fashioned diary where I write down all future arrangements.  The Spanish don´t go for these in a big way and tend to rely on memory, reminders and confirmations nearer the time.  I’m an odd ball amongst my Spanish friends because as soon as plans are being made, out comes my big black “agenda”.   I’ve noticed recently though that they’ve started to rely on it and are a bit put out if I don´t have it on me!


  1. Ha ha i am english living in ireland and they think i’m odd because i an always punctual. Ten mnutes late at least is the norm. But if im late now they get the hump! Cultural differences 🙂

    • I’ve always thought the Spanish and the Irish had a lot in common! Spain is a great place to live if you are not very punctual. I’ve always been 5 or 10 minutes late for everything, but here I am an example of “la puntualidad británica”

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