Posted by: janecronin | September 27, 2015

Spanish Thought of the Day 27.09.15

Today’s word is “girasol” which means “sunflower”.  The word is made up from “girar” which  means to turn and “sol” meaning sun, from which we may assume that sunflowers turn towards the sun, although they’ve always seemed to me to turn whichever way they like.  It hadn´t occurred to me before that you see them in the centre and north of Spain but not so much in the south, until I brought some seeds home one day for my partner Adrian.  He gave them all the requisite TLC until they reached a full half a metre in height and then one day, guess what, they got shrivelled up in the sun!  Admittedly it was extremely hot, but we thought it was a pretty poor show for girasoles!

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