Posted by: janecronin | September 28, 2015

Spanish Thought of the Day 28.09.15

Today’s word is one that I was challenged with by some Spanish people with an evil sense of humour within weeks of arriving in Spain but still have trouble remembering.  The dreaded word is “otorrinolaringologo”.  This is the person who works in the field of “otorrinolaringología”, (of course, what else?) who to us is the “ear, nose and throat specialist”.  This is how I try to remember it “oto” reminds me of “otitos” an ear infection my children got when they were small.  “Rino” reminds me of noses somehow, but I can´t remember exactly how.  “Laring”, well that’s easy because I know the word “larynx” and “laryngitis” both pertaining to the throat.  Tack on the end the “ologo” which is usually denotes a specialist, or as we might say, someone who has an “ology”.  If you would like to impress your Spanish friends, I suggest that you memorize the word and perform it as a party piece when the opportunity arises.


  1. One or two of them might not even themselves be able to navigate through pronouncing it successfully every time, either!

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