Posted by: janecronin | September 29, 2015

Spanish Thought of the Day 29.09.15

Don’t you find there are certain words that just will not stick in your mind, no matter how many times you look them up and try to memorize them?  One of those words for me is “remolacha” which means “beetroot”.  Of course a possible explanation could be that I don´t like it, but then on the other hand I don´t like “berenjena” (aubergine) very much either but I don´t have any difficulty remembering that word.  Another of these blank spots for me is how to say “slow down”.  There’s a word for it which nine times out of ten doesn´t come to mind, so I fall back on “ir más despacio”.  However, I’ve just read the word again and this time I will try to commit to memory once and for all.  It is of course “ralentizar”.  It shouldn´t be a problem, it’s got “lento” in the middle, but I think that “ra” at the beginning and the “izar” at the end just don´t register.  Do you have words like that?

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