Posted by: janecronin | November 1, 2015

An innovative way to understand spoken Spanish

My Step by Step Spanish Listening course has been running  very successfully for eight months with dozens of students working their way through the 24 episodes and a good number having already completed the course and receiving their well earned diploma.

The short audio files that you receive by e-mail tell the unfolding story of a young Spanish woman called Ariadna who is finding her way in life in the midst of the problems of modern Spanish society.  Each episode consists of about 100 – 150 words and takes us a step further into finding out about Ariadna’s life and dreams whilst as the same times expands our understanding the spoken language.

The slow and normal speed audio files are accompanied by an answer sheet with helpful information including the number of words in each sentences and some new vocabulary and the student’s job is to write down the text as they hear it in Spanish and send it back by e-mail for correction.  It is also possible to ask for help and clarification of difficult points.

The course is now available for 20 euros, but if you purchase it before the end of November, and type in the codeword Ariadna1 in the purchase process, you will receive a 20% discount.

Here are just some comments of people who have completed the course:

“This 24 step by step listening course skilfully complements other types of language learning, whether in classes or online.  It not only improves your listening skills, but also introduces words, phrases and verb tenses that you may not be familiar with.  I found that, although you are given some of the less obvious words, it is still necessary to research some phrases, consulting the dictionary or verb book. I would thoroughly recommend this course.”

Mike Brainsby

“After a major  operation I had mobility problems and could not attend a Spanish class.  An online course seemed the best option to carry on learning. Step by Step Listening enabled me to listen whenever I felt like it and at my own pace.  A very useful aid to understanding spoken Spanish.”

Joan Seamer

“A couple of months ago I began the “Step by Step Spanish Listening” course which is an audio-based series of lessons.  I was not sure if I was ready for this course, but as I went through the lessons I realised that not only was I gaining an ear for the language but I learned many new phrases which are really relevant in the day-to-day communications with Spanish people.

I loved this course and looked forward to each lesson with high anticipation.  I especially loved learning how much I was improving as Jane corrected my work on each lesson. I recommend, wholeheartedly, this course especially to people who have difficulty using the Spanish they may know on paper in real life conversations.”

Trish Potter

Hi Jane, I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful resource.  It has just been challenging enough without being over-whelming.  It is the perfect course to bridge the gap between understanding grammar and knowing some vocabulary but then having to recognise it when it is spoken.   The fact that you can go at your own pace and play back the tapes as many times as you wish is just so helpful apart from enjoying the story anyway.

I became aware of my own progress as I followed the course, and it is just so well devised giving the word count of each sentence that it makes it easier to hear that elusive personal “a” for example if you’re a word short.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would encourage all learners to have a go. Thanks again for this brilliant resource.”

 Rose Lynch





  1. Hola Jane

    I’ve tried to download the free lesson but I can’t get it without buying premium office suite, which I am not prepared to do. I am disappointed.

    Nancy Dickson


    • Hi Nancy. I’m sorry you’ve had a problem with this. I will send you the first lesson by e-mail now.

      Kind regards,


  2. This is an excellent course. I’m going through it at the moment

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