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In my day-to-day work as a Spanish teacher I often find that progress in learning to speak the language is slowed down by confusion over verbs.  Spanish language learners, especially English speakers, tend to find all those ending changes very muddling, and the clear patterns that do exist can often be obscured in people’s minds by irregularities and subtle differences in meaning.

To help with this problem, I have developed a highly practical, clarifying course “Get to Grips with Spanish Verbs”.  The course consists of two packages which can be purchased together or separately.  You can work at your own pace, and you have the added benefit of contact with me as the course tutor to help with any particular difficulties.

Here is a video introduction to the course:

and here is a link to a detailed description of how the course works:

If you’ve come to a full-stop with your Spanish learning and need to make sense of the verbs, this course is just what you need!

Here is a sample of customer feedback from people who have already started or completed the course:

“I thought it would be a good idea whilst on holiday in the UK to try and keep practising my Spanish.  I do find it difficult to motivate myself so I asked Jane for the Get to Grips with Spanish Verbs course.  I must say that I have found it absolutely fantastic.  I can practice when I feel like it, do it at my own pace, there is no pressure, it suits me and the best thing is I am really enjoying it.”    Deborah Wainwright.  Fortuna, Murcia

This course does exactly what it promises, to get to grips with Spanish verbs.  I really struggled with verbs as I hadn’t been taught them when I was at school. I now feel I have a much better understanding of how they work.”   Diane Cowley. Valle del Sol, Murcia

Having struggled with Spanish verbs for the past few years I can honestly say that this package was the clearest I have ever used and that the penny has finally dropped! Thank you so much – thoroughly recommended.  Susan Arnold,  Catral, Alicante

 “I want to thank you so much for yet another invaluable resource. Your latest course ‘Get to grips with Spanish verbs’ is, for me, definitely living up to its name. I have found it extremely well structured, with all stages clearly explained. There is an excellent balance of new learning and plenty of opportunity to practise this in many different contexts. I have looked forward to receiving each instalment and thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities. I found the gradual steps and continual revisiting of learned vocabulary has really helped reinforce the different tenses of the verbs, enabling me to try to use them in everyday contexts. The fact that I will be able to complete the exercises again at a later date if I need to recap, is an added bonus and most definitely makes ‘Get to Grips with Spanish verbs’ excellent value for money!”    Gill Znideric. Jacarilla, Alicante

“I have been studying Spanish for some time now and this course “Get to Grips with Spanish verbs” has been a great addition for me to learning in a classroom environment.  This course has helped me consolidate what I have already learnt and I have found that working at my own pace and studying each verb individually in different tenses in a table/template format extremely beneficial, and I can easily refer to them when needed.  After working through the templates of verbs I surprised myself how much I had improved when I did the audio and Spanish translation exercises.  Jane was very prompt in returning the correct answers to me, and this then motivated me to get working on to the next set of exercises.   I can thoroughly recommend this course as an addition to classroom learning or distance learning to help consolidate knowledge of Spanish language and in particular verbs – a very worthwhile course.”    Marylin Scourfield. West Sussex. UK


“The dreaded VERBS and TENSES – I was really struggling with these not knowing when and how to use them.  Well I have just subscribed to Jane Cronin’s online course GET TO GRIPS WITH SPANISH and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  The course is easy to follow with logical steps and exercises to reinforce the learning. I am feeling more confident now with when and where to use them in conversation which is brilliant.”   Pauline Nichols. Pilar de la Horadada, Alicante


 Get to Grips with Spanish Verbs Packages 1 and 2 can be purchased for 25 euros each on this link:


  1. Hi Jane,

    Well, I am still here and I finally gave in! (see below)

    Happy to promote your courses to the students….of course!

    Hope all is well with you.

    Kind Regards


    PS I think this explains my “theory” /my credo …… e/business-regulation/lead-your-startup-to-success-by- exploiting-a-niche/17179.article?

    I am intending to start a language school here in Madrid and will be looking for a number of teachers. Nothing new except that I wish this school to be owned by its members/teachers (a teachers’ cooperative?) rather than run as an SL or similar.

    I understand that some of the newer/younger teachers may not be able to invest funds (maybe 200 euros each?). This is not a problem. They will be able to invest hours taught. I am thinking of maybe “banking” 30 hours’ classes to become a fully paid-up socio. All teachers will also be credited with “hours” for any student they introduce who takes paid lessons as a sort of affiliate commission.

    I intend to start with classes at all levels in Spanish and English. I will definitely add German at a later date and possibly French and Italian. I am open to offering classes in other languages if the demand is there and if we can deal with the administration.

    I want language learning to be affordable TO ALL and I want the classes to be offered at attractive rates whilst still paying a realistic/fair wage to the teachers.

    I have identfied two possible suitable locations but am very open to suggestions.

    I have the money and marketing skills to launch the school. I now need teachers (who can either become socios or not) and admin support. I am also looking for a “head teacher” who will be in charge of curriculum and policy.

    I will be holding an information evening for all interested on 22nd August in central Madrid.

    If any part of this project is of interest please PM me.

    • Hi Steve, Many thanks for your support, as ever. Good luck with your project. Please keep me informed and let me know if I can help in any way. Best wishes.

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