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Learn Spanish at home with Jane Cronin!

Take the opportunity of being at home to improve your Spanish, or start learning from scratch, with Jane Cronin’s fantastic range of Spanish teaching products!  There is something for all levels and learning styles and all at very reasonable prices.

There are both physical and virtual products, some of which are interactive and include tutorial support while others can be watched or listened to on your own.  All my materials are of the highest quality and based on many years of language teaching experience.

Click on the images below to learn more about each item.

Spanish as it is Spoken  Volumes One and Two   

For complete beginners or those who just want to learn the basic phrases you need for everyday situations, try my two DVDs, also in download form, which give you all the basics you need in audio-visual form.

Interactive Courses

I have four interactive courses catering for a variety of language interests and needs.  They are all conducted via e-mail and include personal tutorial help when needed.

Step by Step General Spanish course – Volumes 1,2 and 3

This is a course which explains in clear everyday English how the Spanish language works.  Each volume contains four packages of explanatory articles, Spanish audio support to help with pronunciation, a short general test and a dictation exercise.  Your answers are corrected and all questions answered by e-mail.

A Portrait of Spain – Un Retrato de España

This course is all about Spanish history from ancient to modern times.  It consists of 41 packages each containing a short text in both Spanish and English, an audio of the Spanish text, and 8 comprehension questions.  Ideal for general reading and listening practice and suitable for all levels.

Ariadna – Spanish Listening course

This very popular course is ideal for anyone who has reached an intermediate level of Spanish but who struggles to understand the spoken word.  It consists of a series of 24 short dictation exercises which tell the story of a young Spanish woman called Ariadna.  Each chapter is a package containing two audio files at normal and slow speeds and a dictation answer sheet containing the first word of each sentences, the number of words in each sentence and a list of any new or difficult vocabulary.   The course is entertaining and has helped many people to improve their listening skills.

Get to Grips with Spanish Verbs – Packages 1 and 2

This course was developed in response to students who felt the need for revision and support in learning their Spanish verbs.  The two packages cover a range of verb tenses, with charts showing the formation of both regular and irregular verbs, and provide sets of translation and dictation exercises to illustrate their use.

Sid’s Adventures in Spain – Las Aventuras de Sid en España

One of my most popular products, Sid’s Adventures in Spain is a 240-page bilingual book which contains a wealth of language resources for students of Spanish and English. As well as a superb language tool, it is also the humorous tale of an ordinary Englishman who decides to move to Spain on his retirement.  It is available both in paperback and as an ebook.

Classroom Spanish courses

Also available are the six levels of Jane Cronin’s complete classroom teaching materials based on 20 years of classroom experience.  Each package contains the text book, exercise answers (where applicable) and audio files.

E-books and downloads

In addition there is an extensive range of e-books and downloads including Step by Step Spanish Volumes 1 to 5 which contain 200 articles explaining Spanish grammar in simple, easy-to-follow terms.

Click here for a chart to help you to find the right product for you.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site and finding all the additional free videos and other material and please feel free to contact me directly if you would like any additional advice.

Finally, if you require a professional Spanish/English translator of written material, please do not hesitate to contact me for details.

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